I Think We’re Alone Now – Concert Aisle 3 IGA

So our local IGA has the most awesome playlist – and this morning I managed to serenade the little shop, along with Tiffany, to I Think We’re Alone Now.

I wasn’t the only one.

Aisle 1 had Mr Tattoo’d Biker Looking Gent who was joining Tiffany with his whistling.

Fruit & veg aisle had Grandma wiggling her hips while testing the grapes (seedless, because why would you buy seeded grapes?)

The meat section was covered by 20 something couple who were DooWooping like it was their business.

The freezer section had another lady, roughly my age, who was holding her tune so much better than I.

Sunday mornings at IGA – absolutely worth the trip. If for nothing else then updating your own playlist.

Thank you Tiffany


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