Travelling With Teenagers

So … we’ve just taken our 3 lovely ferals overseas for the first time in 6 years (that is a long story, for another time).

There were some rules, before we left, but in our defence it was New Years Day and we were both so very hung over *note to self do NOT organise a NYE party at our house when we are leaving the country 24 hours later*.

Rule #1 – don’t pack your aerosols in your hand luggage. Just don’t. I think I may have even given a slide show explaining why. Please don’t. Put it in your luggage. Is everyone listening to me? Awesome.


Rule #2 – phones are to STAY ON AIRPLANE MODE WHILST WE ARE AWAY. This is not negotiable. I know I gave a 2 hour lecture on the reasons behind this. Yes people you can access wi-fi everywhere. No you can’t answer your phone because AIRPLANE MODE. Is everyone listening to me? Awesome.

Rule #3 – we don’t talk about bombs, guns, plane crashes, explosions or drugs whilst at any airport. This is kind of important. Is everyone listening to me? Awesome.

I don’t actually think I need to tell you all that ALL of these rules were broken. 2 of them before we’d even left our country. All 3 whilst we were away. And then another 2 as we were trying to come home.

So none of them are coming away with us again.


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